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Magyar Kúria means Hungarian Manor. And exactly that we would like to place to your disposal, your own manor for your dream vacation - may be for some while for a holiday home, a solid pension or a comfortable hotel - or durable in your own house


We are a versatile service orientated enterprise for all around journeys, tourism and vacation real estates and accordingly your reliable partner for the real estate acquisition and all kinds of investments. This way we may offer you a service, with which we do not only advise you with the purchase of a Hungarian real estate, but also to take care for the entire distance from the first interest to the sales contract and further in the future.

We are specialised in the region of southern banks of Lake Balaton to Pécs. Our domain covers thus besides the Balaton region also numerous thermal baths and holiday centres. And just now this area is opened at present for the smooth village tourism.

Hungary, that is not only Lake Balaton or Budapest. Hungary is also the gentle hill landscapes of Somogy and Tolna, that is the many storks and the village life outside of the tourist regions.

Here hospitality is still highest requirement. Here the guest is still treated like a king, because hospitality and a cordial welcome for the foreign visitor are highest obligation for each Hungarian.

We would like you feel here at home or regard better still this landscape as your future home. Just in this beautiful area you find everything: nature, health, recovery, relaxation, wellness and not at least still payable prices like otherwise anywhere in Europe.

Give us your hand to experience and to become acquainted with this wonderful nature park in the heart of Europe, which is opened the whole year over: